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All time UNH Men's Basketball Team

Published: Thursday, February 15, 2007

Updated: Wednesday, February 13, 2013 15:02


PG Al McClain 6'2 1980-1984

UNH's all time leading scorer, with 1801 points, is also second in career assists with 415. McClain was dominant in his four years at UNH averaging 18.4 points per game, 4.1 assists per game, 3 steals per game and shooting 49%. He is also UNH's all-time steal leader with 306. Not to mention he ranked one through four in steals in a season. His name is involved in more UNH records than Ricky Santos and David Ball combined. Not to mention is one of two UNH players to have been drafted in the NBA (Houston Rockets 5th Round 1984).

SG Matt Alosa 6'2 (1994-1996)

Alosa is one of two great examples of a New Hampshire kid coming back home to play college basketball. Alosa transferred to UNH after two seasons at Providence College. His two seasons at UNH were some of the most dominating anyone has ever seen at the university. He ended his career at UNH with a career average of 23.1 points per game that ranks first all time. His senior year he averaged 24.0 points per game (first all time) to go along with 4.0 assists per game, 3.0 rebounds per game and 1.1 steals per game. In two seasons he racked up 1247 points - 7th all-time. What's more shocking is he never earned first team all-conference honors but two second team all conference awards. He enjoyed a career overseas and a stint in America with the ABA.

SF Dave Pemberton 6'4 (1969-1972)

Dominating - One word that could describe Pemberton after his four years at UNH. He finished his career averaging 16.5 points per game and 13.0 rebounds per game. He is UNH's all-time leader in rebounds with 897 boards. His 1,130 career points ranks 13th all-time. His senior year he averaged 15.00 rebounds per game (2nd all time) and had a field goal percentage of .579.

PF Scott Drapeau 6'8 (1993-1995)

Now here is the other great example of a New Hampshire kid coming home to play college basketball. Drapeau transferred to UNH after one season at UMass and another at NH College (now SNHU) and turned out to be the Wildcats most dominating big man of all time. His two years here he averaged 23.0 points per game (2nd all time) and ranks third in career blocked shots with 56. His senior year he averaged 23.1 points per game, 9.8 rebounds per game and shot 52.9%. His 1290 career points puts him 5th all time, his field goal percentage of .505 (10th), and career rebounds per game of 9.8 ranks fourth. He earned two All- Conference first team honors.

C Rob Marquardt 6'11

So here we have great scorers, defenders and rebounders. So when looking for a center I wanted two things: size and a shot blocker. Marquardt fits the bill. The 6'11 center is UNH's all time career shot blocker with 90. The amount of blocked shots he had in his sophomore (32), junior (52) and senior (33) year ranked him first, third and fourth on UNH's season records.


PG Keith Dickson (1975-1979)

Dickson ranks 3rd all time in career assists with 361. His 1202 career points put him 9th all time. His senior year he finished with 122 assists putting him 4th all time.

SG Robin Dixon 6'3 1979-1983

It was hard to keep Dixon out of the starting lineup. He would be this team's sixth man. His 1590 career points put him 2nd all time. He averaged 15.1 points per game (10th) in his four years here. His senior year he averaged 20.81 points per game (7th). He also finished with 272 assists (8th), and 121 steals (7th). Not to mention on January 10, 1983 he scored 35 points to lead the Wildcats to an upset win over UConn 76-72.

SF Blagoj Janev 6'8 2003-Present

OK, I know Janev is a power forward but he shoots the three ball so well I had to put him on the team. He has so far racked up 1301 career points placing him 4th all-time. His 58 three pointers last season puts him ninth. His .868 free throw percentage puts him second and his .385 career three point percentage puts him 7th. Last season he was also honored with being on the America all-conference first team.

PF Matt Acres 6'8 (1994-1998

Acres had an extremely solid four years at UNH. His career 1,169 puts him 12th all time and his career 680 rebounds put him 6th. He could also shoot the three. His career three point field goal percentage of .419 puts him 3rd all-time. His senior year he earned second team all conference honors.

C Ben Sturgill 6'8 (2001-2005)

He was s true warrior here at UNH. Sturgill's broken jaw kept him out of the 1000 point club. His senior year he averaged 13.6 points per game and 6.7 rebounds per game while shooting 57%. His career field goal percentage of .520 puts him 7th. His junior year he shot 61% putting him first all time.


PG Jermaine Anderson (2003-Presnt) A feel good story here at UNH. Anderson came as a walk on and is now a captain and a team leader. Injuries have hampered his career but he's still in the record book- season free throw percentage .919 (1st), and .821 (8th). He is right now averaging 13.7 points per game and 3.74 assists per game.

F Chirs Brown (1996-2002)

His senior year he averaged 13.4 points per game and 10.1 rebounds per game while earning America East First Team honors. His name comes up frequent in the record book - Rebounds in a season 282 (4th), steals in a season 49 (twice) 9th, career rebounds 613 (8th), and career steals 128 (5h)

F Pete Smilikis (1957-1960)

Unfortunately I couldn't find much info on Smilikis due to the era he played. But what I could find is that in his last season at unh he averaged 18.6 rebounds per game (1ST all time). His 603 career rebounds ranks him 9th. He also holds the record of rebounds in a game with 27.

G Will Chavis (1998-1999)

Ok he only played one season at UNH- his freshman year. But who knows what would have happened if he stayed in the America East with UNH. He would transfer after a coaching change to Panola Junior College then to Texas Tech. Yes Bobby Knight's Texas Tech. Chavis as a freshman entered first team All America East rookie honors (9.6 points per game, 3.9 assists per game). He left and ended up at Panola, a junior college located near the Texas-Louisiana border. It sat around 600 mile away from Texas Tech. When Head Coach Bobby Knight landed at Texas Tech one of his first orders of business was to find some hidden gems. Chavis became one of Knights first recruits for Texas Tech and he flourished. As a senior he cracked the Tech starting line-up immediately averaging 7.8 points per game and finished the season eighth in the Big 12 Conference in assist-to-turnover ratio and 3-point shooting percentage. Chavis's team became the 6th seed in the NCAA tournament and he made the 2002 Big 12 Men's Foreign Tour Team. The team played a total of five games in Sweden, Norway, and Denmark.

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