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Student activity fee committee passed budget

Published: Friday, April 8, 2005

Updated: Wednesday, February 13, 2013 15:02



Breakdown of where your $91 manditory SAF goes next year, if you´re an UNH undergrad.

If you've ever gone to a MUSO movie or picked up a copy of TNH, you're using the $90 Student Activity Fee (SAF) that all undergraduates are required to pay. Student senators met last Sunday night to discuss the 2006 SAF budget and ultimately decided to approve it unanimously.

Matthew Donovan, student activity fee committee (SAFC) chief financial officer, opened the meeting with a thorough Power Point presentation about the proposed 2006 SAF budget. The only major change to the budget is a $1 increase, making the 2006 Student Activity Fee $91 per student.

Fifteen student organizations depend on SAF funds to operate. Some organizations receiving SAF funding are CAB, The Granite Yearbook, SCAN TV, SCOPE, Student Senate and WUNH. The Fee Oversight Committee previously approved the SAF budget with a unanimous vote before the senate vote Sunday night.

The 15 student organizations covered by the SAF will create a proposed $1,285,166 in expenses for 2006. The $91 fee is kept down due to revenue created by the organizations and supplemental reserves in the SAF budget. Senators were unanimously pleased with the SAF and complimented Donovan on the new budget.

"Great job," said Ashley Briggs, HHS senator. "Thanks for keeping the fee increase way below 3 percent.

Donovan was also content with the unanimous approval of the SAF budget. "I am very pleased with the fee," said Donovan. "I have been part of SAFC for three years and I have always been so proud of the process. It went great this year and the increase is minimal."

The Student Activity Fee Committee (SAFC), which manages the SAF budget, is almost completely student-run.

"Students can see what they get from this fee better than any of the other fees," said Donovan. "It is entirely student controlled which is unheard of at many schools. SAFC is something UNH students should be proud to have."

Most students aren't concerned with the slight increase.

"The $1 increase isn't a huge deal," sophomore Kelly Garcea said. "In the long run, it'll bring bigger bands for SCOPE and better activities on the weekends. I do think they overcharge for some fees, but one more dollar for a fee students use isn't a big deal."

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