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Cleary Viber can be crowned as a world wide IM app. Friends, co-workers and distant relatives use Viber to keep in touch, share moments and thoughts via this IM application. A recent update was launched and with it “Viber Wink”. This is a cool feature that permits users to send all kinds of photos or even short videos and after they have seen this type of content, “Viber Wink” erases them completely. To download “Viber Wink” you need to have the updated 5.7 Viber version.

Here is what an official post claims about the new “Viber Wink” addition “We realize that our customers demand more control over their messages. That is the reason we implemented “Delete Sent Message” recently, which allows you to delete messages remotely – even after you dispatch it. Viber Wink is another example of giving control options to our customers but in a fun way. In fact, we hope that Viber Wink encourages users to share more content by allowing them to choose how they want their photos and video materials to be received – especially those that describe the moments that you would not wish to stay in your memories!”

You can get “Viber Wink” for free right from the App Store. With it, you can create a fun 10 second video and share it with your loved one. If you want to create a photo, the possibility of adding text to it, is a fun concept that is also accessible. Once you’re done with this part, you will see a prompt from which you will have to choose between 1/3/7 or 10 seconds. Once your message has been received and seen, the countdown begins and the sent content will be erased. If you do not wish to choose a specific timer, you don’t have to. But, if you do decide to send the photo or the video without the timer, this will pop-up in the Viber standard correspondence and it will not be erased after the first few seconds of viewing.