Android 6.0 Marshmallow

With Android 6.0 M being recently launched, there are still lots of devices waiting to receive this new mobile OS version. But if you feel like the wait is unbearable and you need to get your hands on some Android M features, here is how you can do so.

Download Android 6.0 M features on your smartphone:

Smart Link

Smart Link is definitely a highly appreciated addition. The latter feature opens each link in the right app. If let’s say you click on a tweet, you will be redirected in Twitter app and so on. With Smart Link, you will no be asked which app you wish to use for a specific link. TapPatch is a great alternative for this Android M feature.

Organizing the app drawer

The app drawer is basically loaded with all of the apps you have downloaded. This one was a though one for Android M developers, but finally this function has been successfully revamped. You can check out which are you most used apps by looking at the first 4 icons and then look for others apps as you leaf through them in an alphabetical order. Go to the Play Store and pick your favorite one.

A new and improved memory management option

The Task Manager that has been added in Android Marshmallow has been resurrected. With it, you can see the RAM options on the device you are using. If this feature sounds appealing to you, head on to the Play Store, where you can find a bunch of Task Manager substitutes. Network Monitor Mini is one example, but there are more choices available on the Play Store.

Toggling with app permissions

Now with the release of Android M, you can simply accept or deny various permissions on your device. So, if you by any chance have a rooted gizmo, you can use the XPrivacy feature that works just like the Android M app permission option.

Doze feature

Google has worked on implementing a feature, dubbed the Doze as well as the fast charging function in the Android M release. You can use all kinds of tips and tricks to get the most out of your battery unit, even if you have outdated Android versions running on your phone.