Samsung Galaxy S6

The Consumer Electronic Show (CES) 2016 is almost here, with scheduled dates being January 6 to 9.

As opposed to last year’s event where Samsung and LG had lots of their focus on showcasing the Smart TV hardware features, such as the quality of screen resolutions and their sizes, this year’s event will see these Asian tech giants switch their attention to Smart TV content.

Well, this is kind of obvious given that the two companies are also major stakeholders in the smartphone industry – a segment that has been booming thanks to the close attention the two pay here. Samsung is currently the leading seller of smartphones in the world and LG just sold over 450,000 units of its newest flagship, LG V10, in a period of about 45 days from its day of launch, an indicator that it is doing equally well.

The huge focus these companies have been giving the smartphone world has had a detrimental effect on their Smart TV market. While the former has lots of entertaining content to keep you happy all throughout the day, there is very little available when it comes to the latter, something that tech experts think is putting off the consumers.

What to expect from Samsung and LG at CES 2016

Just recently these companies highlighted what the users can expect to see this coming year as the CES fast approaches. Samsung will be releasing up to six games, including Asphalt 8, meant for the consumers of Smart TVs during this event. It will also be partnering with Sony to bring more games via PlayStation Now to its TVs. Although Samsung will only be showcasing about six games at the CES 2016, the South Korean tech giant has promised the users that they will be able to stream as many as 400 games this coming year.

LG’s Web OS 3.0 will making its debut during the event and as such, users can expect some new things with the company’s Smart TVs. Version 2.0 of this Smart TV OS was released in 2014 and according to the tech giant, the new OS will power all LG Smart TVs that will be released this coming year.

Users of this OS will specifically enjoy one feature – Majic Zoom – a feature that lets them zoom up to five times into a scene. Other than this, there is more in terms of better user experience and improved convenience.