Microsoft Selfie is a new photo app that is designed and meant to make you feel much better about your selfies.

This is a new, simple service that is currently available to users of iPhones and to use it, one only needs to take a selfie or even pick one from the camera roll and then use the app to tweak the photo to whatever you like seeing.

The app offers almost similar editing services or rather features as the ones available on Facebook’s Instagram. With this Microsoft Selfie app on your iPhone, the Windows OS maker wants to make sure that you look your best in that selfie photo that you are already obsessed with. According to the company, the new photo app is “selfie and portrait enhancement app” that takes advantage of a special algorithm to make your photos look like they were edited or done by a pro.

Microsoft Selfie uses both front and rear cameras

Ideally, a selfie will usually involve the front-facing camera. However, the new Microsoft Selfie app takes advantage of both front and rear cameras in offering its amazing services. In short, you can take a photo using any camera and make your photo much better using the app’s technology.

To make changes to your photo and present you with the best result possible, the Selfie app takes into account some variables, among them your age, skin tone, gender, noise, lighting and more. There are at least 13 filters available to choose from when doing the post-processing work. However, you cannot use more than one at a time. Alternatively, you can save the edited file, reopen it using the same app and give it another filter and when done, the file will be stored on your phone.

No social connections

Unlike some other photo editing apps that come with the ability to share directly photos to accounts on Instagram, Facebook, Google Photos and Twitter, there is no such offer on Microsoft Selfie. Sharing a photo edited by this app will have to be done the old school way.

Even though this is a cute addition to the Windows OS maker, one thing that doesn’t add up is why the app has only been availed for the iOS niche and not others, including its Windows Phone. On the contrary, this could just be a way for the company to showcase its expertise as far as machine learning, image recognition and AI technology are concerned.

Nonetheless, Microsoft Selfie is still a useful app in that it comes to save the situation of low-quality Selfie cameras that dominate most of the today’s smartphones. Usually, rear cameras capture better images than front-facing cameras and with this app, the photos will just but get a lot better and maybe match the same quality as the once taken by the rear snapper.

At the moment, there is no word on if, leave alone when, this app will make it to the Android niche, but we expect it to come if things turn out to be fine for iPhone users.