Adobe Flash Player

Adobe Flash Player has been in our lives for quite a while and whether we like it or not, this application will soon “die”, as there are other players out there which are better than it (such as HTML5).

We’ve used the Adobe Flash Player for quite a while, even if most of us haven’t even realized it. The Adobe Flash Player is installed on over 750 million internet-connected desktop PCs and mobile devices. Unfortunately, for Adobe, its Flash Player is about to die, mostly because there are many big companies who got tired of it and all the bugs and errors it comes with.

There are already big companies that have decided to leave the Adobe Flash Player behind, and choose the HTML5. The HTML5 seems to be more stable and it runs way smoother than the “old” Flash Player from Adobe.

Adobe has noticed that its Flash Player is losing popularity and lately has released some new security and stability updates for it. Unfortunately, we’re pretty sure that all these updates came very late and this player will die in the upcoming years.

Adobe Flash Player What’s New?

Aside from the usual security fixes the new Adobe Flash Player Version also comes with some new additions such as:

– Video Rotation information is now available to ActionScript,
– PPAPI vector printing for Windows OS,
– Stage3D instanced drawing,
– Hardware acceleration control for Edge and Internet Explorer on Windows 10 and Windows 8.

We’re not sure what Adobe is trying to desperately do, but we’re sure that they already know that the Flash Player is a dead project. Actually, they’ve also renamed the Flash Professional CC as Adobe Animate CC, which shows that they already know that this name is ruining their reputation.

Have you installed the latest Adobe Flash Player on your desktop PC? Tell us your thoughts about it!