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As the release date of Samsung Galaxy S7 draws closer, rumors about the specs, build and features that will be included on the device get more and more interesting.

Samsung is working on a new set of devices that will come in to solve the woes affecting the smartphone flagships of this company. In this week’s rumor mill regarding this Galaxy S7, reports are suggesting that we might see an iris scanner in the new phone. Furthermore, the report adds that the tech giant will go for a magnesium alloy as far as the phone’s build is concerned, and the flagship will come in three different sizes.

What this new report is suggesting is that Samsung will be dropping the use of aluminum for magnesium on its internal structure as well as the exterior frame. Even though the previous build of the Galaxy S6 was amazing and appealing to the eye, the adoption of a magnesium alloy will for sure be pretty awesome.

If this materializes, Samsung Galaxy S7 material build will be similar to the chassis of some premium digital cams, laptops as well as some components of rockets, airplanes, high-speed cars and machines that need weight reduction. In short, the new Galaxy S7 and its variants will be a lot lighter than the current 138 grams or 132 grams the S6 and S6 Edge weigh respectively.

For comparison purposes, the 6013-grade aluminum alloy used on the Galaxy S6 has a density of about 0.0979 lb/in3 and when compared to the density of about 0.065 lb/in3 of the magnesium alloy, it leaves the later weighing about 33% lighter than the former, but still very strong and durable. Even though this would, be an interesting move by Samsung, this is still a rumor, and it shouldn’t be taken with such huge seriousness.

Previous rumors had stated that Samsung Galaxy S7 will feature a 5.2-inch screen while another variant the Galaxy S7 Edge will feature a 5.5 screen. Well, the latest rumor suggests otherwise, claiming that there is the third phone of between 5.7 and 6 inches, probably the Galaxy S7 Edge+.

Final thoughts

Samsung is indeed planning to unveil a new Galaxy S7 in 2016. As usual with such times, rumors will intensify, and speculations will come from almost everywhere. But will Samsung include a magnesium alloy in the upcoming Galaxy S7 models? Even though the situation is perfectly plausible, it should be taken as it is – a rumor.

Now, we have quite some devices made of magnesium alloy, among them Microsoft Surface tablets and the recently released OnePlus 2 smartphone. Why not Samsung Galaxy S7?