Facebook Messenger is popularly known as an instant messaging app that was forced down the throats of millions of Facebook users when it was stripped down from the main Facebook app.

This took place in 2014 and to be honest, the current figure on Messenger’s user base is a total contradiction of this reception. Many felt that the social networking giant was simply making them add another app to the many they already had on their phones, but over a year down the line, the app has more than 700 million monthly active users. Amazing right!

Easy transportation services

In the recent past, Facebook has been spearheading talks with various companies to in a bid to convince these companies to let them host their services on the Messenger platform. One such company is Uber, which, just recently, became part of Messenger where the two will work together to see to it that users of Facebook can request for a cab from within the app. Better still, the new deal will see users track drivers of cabs as well as make payments directly from the app.

Photo Magic update

Another update that has hit Facebook Messenger with a storm is the Photo Magic tool. It is now possible to take a group selfie and share it instantly with everyone who is in the picture. In case, you took holiday photos on your phone, and you never shared them with your friends in the photo, Photo Magic will help you remember this and immediately share these photos such that everyone else in the photo gets their copy.

Holiday-themed emojis

As if this was not enough, Facebook went ahead and jumped into the Christmas and New Year mood by rolling out holiday-themed stickers as well as other graphics, among them emojis of a snowman, skier, snowflakes and even Christmas trees. To add sugar to what is already a sweet feature, Facebook made the feature in a way that once one shares the emojis, snowflakes automatically fall on the screen, which gives users that holiday feeling they desire.

Customization options

Last but not least, Facebook Messenger now lets users customize the app via changing of colors, picking favorite emojis and even putting on nicknames. It is now possible to assign each conversation a specific bubble that pops up whenever a new message comes from this contact. It is also possible to change the default emojis to whatever you like.

Facebook says that the latest updates to Facebook’s chat app are aimed at ensuring the app offers the best experience during this holiday season. You don’t need to go into last-minute shopping just because you didn’t get a New Year card for your friends and family, instead, you can turn to Facebook Messenger for holiday-themed graphics that will serve the purpose, at least.