Samsung Galaxy S6, Galaxy S7

Both Samsung Galaxy S7 and iPhone 7 will be coming out in 2016, and one thing that looks certain is that the two will sport different looks from what we have last time out.

Rumors about these two devices have been doing rounds and on the way, dropping clues of how these two might be built. According to reports, it seems both will come with an inbuilt antenna and a metal frame surrounding the glass-made frontal parts. What we cannot confirm is whether Apple’s iPhone 7 will wear a glass back, but we can be sure of Samsung’s Galaxy S7 coming in with the same rear as the Galaxy S6.

The current models of Samsung Galaxy S6 and iPhone 6 look a lot similar to designs and appearance. However, the upcoming devices will take their similarity in a different form, adopting the same design changes in a bid to accommodate almost the same technological changes as well. What remains to be the truth is that both camps will be looking for better ways to outshine the other in 2016, just like they have been doing in the recent past.

Catcher Technology is working with both Samsung and Apple

One weird happening regarding the new iPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy S7 is the fact that both companies are reportedly working in conjunction with Catcher Technology as far as manufacturing these two devices is concerned. The company is believed to be working on a metal compound that has the abilities to seamlessly and effortlessly transmit radio signals. According to our sources, the latest revelations on the iPhone’s compound metals will likely be utilized when it comes to the Galaxy S7’s build.

Catcher Technology is now new to the likes of Samsung, Apple, LG and Motorola after having already worked with these companies in the manufacturing of products such as smartphone and tablet metal bodies as well as casings. The company has even been specific about the thinnest casing they can produce, which currently stands at 0.6mm. Adopting this technology would pose as a better replacement for the current two-band situation that is going on with the Galaxy S7.