The 2016 release of Hitman will be the 6th game in the franchise where you take control of Agent 47, a well-trained assassin, and eliminate contracted targets in various locations around the world. Developed by IO Interactive, the game is available on PS4 Xbox One, and PC. There have been no plans whatsoever of bringing Hitman to PS3 or Xbox 360, as the main focus will remain on the current generation of consoles.

While the game’s initial release was set to take place on December 8th, it sadly got pushed back because IO Interactive wanted to add some more polish and content into the core game to complete the experience, which no one can be too angry about because it’s better than downloading an unfinished game. Finally, Hitman is now set to release March 11, 2016, confirmed by the official Hitman Twitter account and listed as the date for the digital versions of the game on PS4, PC, and on the Amazon store.

Recently, pre-orders of Hitman have been canceled, and gamers are left wondering what’s going on.

A major change on how you buy and play the game was confirmed today as the developers outlined how they plan to make and ship their new game. The plan: a digital release offering cheaper entry into the game, mirroring what we see taking place in mobile gaming.

The March 11th release date appears to be only the first of many, as the game will now premier in episodes rather than all at once. Hitman will now deliver new environments and mission each month. The plan so far is to release Hitman Prologue and Hitman Paris location on March 11th, followed by an Italy location in April, and a Morocco location later in May. After these locations arrive, gamers will get Thailand, US, and Japan locations sometime later in 2016. These include:

  • Six missions with 40 way to take out your target
  • Contract modes for all locations and near 800 potential targets
  • Each location will come with additional missions and signature kills
  • New locations will then open up new weapons, tools, and disguises
  • Contracts mode for all locations
  • Weekly live events, including targets that will appear for only once for a limited time
  • Weekly IO-Interactive developer team created Contracts
  • Monthly promoted best community created Contracts
  • New weapons and disguises

The release date for the disk will come later sometime this year. Amazon shows the release date as December 31st, but there is no exactly definitive answer as to when it will actually arrive.