Now that the Mobile World Congress 2016 is a month away, word of the new LG G5 that the tech giant is expected to be announced during this Barcelona event has started getting out.

A series of leaks and rumors have also been listed in top news sites regarding this top end smartphone. While some of these will for sure turn out to be true, some of them will only, but remain to be rumors and speculations. On the other hand, some may turn out in future models of the LG G series smartphones. Until LG announces the new G5 flagship, most of the trending news will only remain to be speculation.

Never mind the blurred introduction that for sure renders this piece a speculative article. Nonetheless, we have gathered for you what we believe is more feasible with respect to the upcoming phone.

LG G5 design

Based on a source closer to the matter and who wished not to be mentioned, the LG G5 will sport an all-metal body build this time round.

If this is true, it means LG will have finally done away with the rounded back design that has dominated the G5’s predecessors. The LG G4 was slightly curved, but this new flat and thin design will mean this curved profile is no more. Better still; the phone will feature rounded edges and soft corners with the volume buttons shifting from the back to the left side.

LG G5 to come with a removable battery unit

While many flagship smartphone manufacturers are working towards getting rid of removable battery units – Samsung included – LG seems to be sticking to this profile. According to our source, the new 2016 flagship will still come with a removable battery unit.

Despite the new design, the company engineers managed to keep this design, bringing in a mechanism that allows the removal of the bottom bezel in order to take out the unit with ease. The drawer-like design the phone comes with is reportedly meant to reduce the risks of water and dust.

If this happens to be what LG is working on, it will mean a huge change in the design language- a move that it contrary to the company’s recent efforts of perfecting the curved design tech that was used on LG G Flex 2 and LG G4. Nonetheless, it won’t be a surprise to see it keep the removable battery, for this is basically one of its flagship trademarks.

Given the dismal performances the previous models of LG have shown in the smartphone market as well as the recent slight shift in design of the LG V10, it is possible that LG might be planning an overhaul of its design language in order to step up its sales.