The LG G5 is expected to succeed last year’s LG G4 – a phone many praised for its amazing display screen, great design, an excellent combination of features as well as a mind-blowing camera.

Even though the G4 is full of praise, just like any other flagship in the current market, it has its downs. Keeping this in mind, we expect the South Korean company to come in with a much better and improved G5 based on both the successes and faults of the previous flagship. As a result, our team has come up with five features that we expect to see come with the soon to be released LG G5.

Cleaner user interface

Many Android smartphone manufacturers have begun shaping their user interfaces. We expect LG to take the same direction it did with bloatware on the G4, but this time, the focus should shift to the user interface. A lack of top-notch features on the screen of the G4 was rather uninspiring from LG, but we expect much better from this tech giant on the upcoming LG G5.

Better battery life

Battery life has been a major issue not just for LG, but for all smartphones in general. Recent times have seen some smartphone manufacturers such as Asus (Zenfone Max [5000mAh]), Sony (Xperia Z3 [3100mAh]) and OnePlus (OnePlus One (3,100mAh) rolling out devices with huge battery units just so as to attract the clientele that values longer battery lives on their phones.

With this in mind, we expect to see a bigger unit than the 3000mAh that was installed in LG G4. Even though the G5 might be coming in with Super AMOLED display and Android 6.0 Marshmallow out of the box, packing a larger battery unit will for sure improve the battery life of this device by far.

Wireless charging

Despite the G4 coming with a decent battery unit, it was not enough to power the device for longer periods. In addition to improving the battery capacity of the LG G5, we also expect the company to include wireless charging on the device. Other than making it easier for users to juice the devices, it will also be putting itself in a better position to compete with other top-end models in the mobile world.

Since the G4 came in with Quick Charge 2.0, we expect an improvement in this technology when the successor to this phone is announced this year.

Fingerprint scanner

Although not a priority, we expect to see the LG G5 come in with a fingerprint scanner. This is something that we’ve seen with cheaper models such as Huawei GX8 and given that mobile payments are becoming a potential market shortly; it will be ideal to have this sensor attached to the G5.

Overheating issues

LG was among the few major companies that scrapped the Snapdragon 810 chipset due to overheating issues when releasing the 2015 flagships. This did not help much as the Snapdragon 808 CPU is used experienced the same problem during intense tasks such as gaming or even standard processes such as playing video on YouTube.

Hopefully, LG will deal with this problem when rolling out the G5 and come in with a back panel that doesn’t overheat in one’s hands but still keeps the appealing look of the G4.

What do you expect to see on the LG G5? Feel free to comment below.