iPhone-6s-Rose-Gold (1)

When it comes to luxury smartphones there’s only one name that everyone knows and it’s Apple. Apple has been manufacturing some of the best smartphones when it comes down to it at the end of the day and they’re not looking stop anytime soon.

The iPhones are known for their robust design, luxurious feel, responsiveness and general ease of use, if you’re looking for something that’ll won’t randomly act up and break apart, then these phones are just for you.

Should you buy one right now?

That’s the question that people have after it’s been a few months since the last release, no one wants to waste their money and no one wants to buy the latest iPhone just to be surprised by the upcoming newer generation being announced for a similar price tag.

Well you don’t need to worry anymore because when it comes down to it all, we have a pretty nice idea about Apple’s release cycle for their devices, iPhones are usually released around September so we have quite a few months remaining until your device is going to be termed as “outdated”, but that’s not all that people are worried, even though all the different iPhones seem identical, there’s a huge difference between each “major” generation (the iPhone 4 compared to iPhone 5 compared to the iPhone 6, etc.), ultimately leading to some people who hold on to their money until the latest releases.

So should you still buy an iPhone 6s or should you wait for the next generation later this year? There’s a high chance that it might not be called the iPhone 7 and that the next iPhone release might just be another upgrade on the iPhone 6 series, in which case the upgrade might not be significant enough to wait such a long time for it.

The iPhone 7

As for the features that can be expected from the next generation, Apple is long overdue for finally waterproofing their phones, another major upgrade in the works might be further reduction in the size as well as weight, the folks at Apple are committed to making sure that their smartphone is the most luxurious in the market and reducing the physical dimensions and weight is going to be the easiest way to achieve that objective.

Should you wait?

In all honesty, no, purely because it’s not worth the wait.

Take this with a grain of salt but there has been no announcement regarding an iPhone 7 from Apple’s end and there probably won’t be one any time soon, if you currently have a fully functioning iPhone which is behaving perfectly and you have no reason to upgrade, then don’t.

But if you wish to enjoy a few months of the latest iPhone experience to show off your latest luxury, feel free, you’re not going to regret this purchase because Apple hasn’t ever released a bad iPhone.