It was said earlier in the year that Clash of Clans would be receiving one pretty big update, but at the time it wasn’t particular specific on what that update might be covering. But over the past few weeks, Supercell, the game’s developers have released more and more information around the game’s latest update.

Before I touch upon the more major aspects of the update, I’ll start off with the fact that Supercell are set to release new, additional troops for players who are currently using Town Hall 10. It seems that the recently released Town Hall 11 has been making too much of a gap between the player base, so this new troop announcement is set to balance the game for players.

What we do know is that one or possibly two of these troops will be using Dark Elixir to be trained, but other than that, that is all we really know for the time being.

What’s next for the update, of which is a little more major and new: Clan Wars. There have been a couple of issues with Clan Wars in the past, with the major one being clans going up against one another, despite one being vastly outranked/outmatched by the other. Not exactly what you would call a balanced system! However, Supercell is planning to address this issue by implementing a number of hidden fixes to make matchmaking with other clans fun, as well as balanced.

For the hard-core Clash of Clans players, ones who specifically enjoy the Clan Wars features of the game will be in adoration for this new update that is set to come out sometime in March, or possible April. As of right now, there is no definitive release date for this latest update.

By the looks of things, players will need to put up with broken matchmaking for several weeks more, but it is good to know that the problem is going to be addressed shortly. Soon enough, the balance will be restored for this element of Clash of Clans.