Candy-Crush-Saga (2)

After a hint that new Candy Crush Saga levels would be coming soon, the popular mobile game has been updated.

Last week, Version 1.70.0 brought a new episode to Candy Crush Saga, in which Allen and Odus need the help of Sailor Tiffi in Biscuit Bay. Biscuit Bay, the second episode in World 25, added levels 1536-1550 and is one of the most difficult set of levels yet.

Although there aren’t any new features as part of this update, it’s the first time timed levels make use of popcorn squares. Successfully completing the levels will earn you the title “Napping Navigator.”

And the next episode is already here. Wacky Waterhole, which came out on March 9, brings Candy Crush Saga’s level count up to 1565 and centers around Tiffi and Suzy at the oasis. No new gameplay features were added. Completing these new levels will make you a “Bubbly Barista.” This is the final episode in World 25.

These episodes came fairly close to one another, which should excite Candy Crush Saga fans in need of new challenges. We can’t be sure when the next update will come, but the web version of the game has already moved on to World 26, with Scrumptious Studio and Vanilla Valley as its first two episodes. The latest, Vanilla Valley, which brings the web game’s level count up to an incredible 1595, was also released on March 9. Mobile players should expect these two episodes to reach their games over the next few weeks.

While gamer feelings toward Candy Crush Saga vary wildly from thinking it’s a wonderful and addicting experience to considering it a blight on gaming, no one can deny that the developer is diligent in providing new content for players.

Have you tried the newest Candy Crush Saga levels yet? The levels in Biscuit Bay were considered very difficult, even harder than the already-challenging episode released before it. For those of you who have already tried Wacky Waterhole, let us know how the difficulty level compares.