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Clash of Clans is due to receive a new update this month and Supercell have confirmed and announced some details from this update in response to a leak. The update will be coming to the game later this month, according to a Twitter post fans can expect to see the update in 2 weeks time.

According to the game file leak, there are two new Dark Troops being added to the game; the Rocketeer and the Chain Lightning. Information about these two classes are very limited however some early graphics on these did exist in the files. Along with those graphics, there was also some early work for Level 6 Hog Rider, Level 9 Mortar and Level 4 Inferno Tower. Supercell has released a statement to say that these are just placeholders and may not be used in the actual update.

The apparent file leak also suggested that a widespread Healer nerf is on the way. The Queen Walk in Clash of Clans and the game files stated that it will be nerfed to reduce the stacked healing from multiple healers. It looked to be a balance adjustment mostly which would mean the end of Queen Walks. This has not been confirmed by Supercell but it also wasn’t rejected; a comment on the forums from Marika suggests that the team is looking at this issue but will not be addressing it in this update.

To clear some information us Supercell took to their forums and responded to some questions about the upcoming update; in a response from Marika confirms that they are working on a new troop however the name of it is not revealed.

Clash of Clans fans can expect to start seeing sneak peeks of the update very soon and some are hoping they will start being released within the coming week. The March update should be released by the end of the month and more details will become available through the sneak peaks the team will be unveiling up until its release.