Samsung Galaxy S5 Gets Latest Android 6.0 Update

It was about time for Sprint to announce the update for Galaxy S5 (launched in 2014), which is the Marshmallow version of Android. This would mean the third version of this OS that can run on the Samsung, after Lollipop and KitKat.

Users will receive everything they would expect from a TouchWiz Android 6.0. Much of the things you love in Marshmallow are not visible as such (like the Doze option, which automatically puts your device in a sleep state when it’s at rest and it can even set off the alarm in the morning if you forgot to charge it), this is great. Here, the fact that you can add an extra SD card if you need more space in the S5 is really useful.

The size of the update is around 890 MB. However, the new Android version does not support the Decrypt device function and you cannot disable the encryption after you get the upgrade. The software version is G900PVPU3CPCA.

But how will the update take place? Sprint announced that this process will take place in several phases. Starting with April 8th and ending May 19th, all users will progressively be enjoying Android Marshmallow. This means you should be patient, if you’re a S5 user, because it might take a while until you get your own update.

Many people have been anxiously expecting this update. Even though some say it has lots of bugs for now, others are really excited about the new interface and performances. One of the most acclaimed features by users regarding Marshmallow is the fact that they can access Google Now on Tap.

Rumor has it that an OTA may hit the Galaxy S5 Sport soon as well. We have seen that Sprint made some updates to the support page for this device, but they did not provide us with a changelog yet.