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Pokémon GO field tests have recently started in Japan. While there are no other regions testing this out, plenty can still be learned about the game just by Japan’s testing.

Android users must have a 4.3 or higher version to use it. iOS users need to have an iPhone 5 or better phone.

There are some interesting things to make mention of regarding the field test for Pokémon Go.

  • First, there will be more Android users than iOS users testing it out. There’s no clear reason as to why but there could be technical issues with the iOS version.
  • Second, it appears that Ingress users, the other augmented reality game from Niantic, get a better chance of participating in the field test. The registration page asks for users’ Ingress level and user name.

This may not be fair to fans of Pokémon who don’t have any interest in Ingress, but it does make some sense when looking at the field test. Users need to remember that this isn’t about getting a look at Pokémon GO but for Niantic to find out about errors and bugs so they could better and change things before the official release.

It makes sense that the company would want to go for users who are familiar with this kind of game. Ingress players fit that mold.

There also appears to be some confusion in whether or not the game is a BETA. The field test has caused some fans to wander if it’s something else entirely with a BETA to begin down the road. John Hanke, founder of Niantic, said it’s a beta.

If a person is interested in being a part of the beta Pokémon Go test, there are three requirements:

  • Be a resident of Japan, living in the country
  • Must have an iPhone 5 or higher or Android version 4.3 or higher.
  • Be a player of Ingress to increase chances of being chosen

International fans are waiting for news of additional field tests. However, until this happens, they need to keep close mind to the feedback Japanese players release during the beta Pokémon Go test.