Windows 10 Anniversary Update


There are a few days left until Microsoft will launch the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, which is a birthday present for users who have upgraded to the latest operating system in the past year. During this time, new features have been introduced in builds for the Insiders and in this article, we’ll tell you about all the changes you’ll notice in this update.

For starters, you’ll access Cortana from the lock screen, Microsoft Edge will support extensions and Windows Hello will be improved. Skype will become a universal application and will receive new features, but we’ll tell you more about these changes below.

The Anniversary Update will be released on August 2 and it will roll out to all users who upgraded to Windows 10 since July 29. One of the promised features that won’t be available very soon is related to the Windows Hello biometric authentication, which was supposed to deliver “Passport”. Unfortunately, this feature will arrive once the FIDO 2.0 standard will start rolling out in the next months, and then users will be able to use their fingerprints and faces to log into their PCs and on websites. Also, they will make secure purchases from the Windows Store using their face and fingerprint, as well.

The original Surface tablets have a camera with which users take 3D photos of their faces and after they’re identified by the system, they can log into their devices. But Hello will be pushed beyond the login screen, and using the AU code, users are able to buy applications, games, music and more. The transaction is authenticated via the hardware, and instead of tapping on a button to approve a stored credit card, users do this with the help of the fingerprint scanner.

Cortana will become more aware of itself, more independent, but its memory must be periodically wiped out, because she will know too much about you. She won’t be turned off completely in the Anniversary Update, but you’ll be able to silence her and to make her “dumber”. Anyway, Cortana will speak more languages and will have the authority to check your emails and the flight times, if you’re planning to travel by plane.

By saying “Hey, Cortana!”, you will trigger actions directly on the lock screen, and she will tell you if you have any appointments, and if you’re sad, she will tell you jokes to cheer you up.

As for the Edge browser, it will allow you to sync data to your Microsoft account, by going to Settings > Accounts > Sync your settings and verifying your identity. Users have been waiting for the addition of extensions for quite a while and for starters, they will get

AdBlock and AdBlock Plus, LastPass, which is a free password manager, an Evernote Web clipper etc.