In September 16, iPhone 7 and 7 Plus will go on sale. Together with it we will get to see the Smart Battery Case Apple designed. This is a special case that will make your iPhone charge from the built-in battery storage. It seems that the new case will offer 26% more charge than the version that was released last year.

If you think about it, the accessory industry is quite a big business. According to some statistics, it’s a $24.35 billion worth industry, out of which 36% of the market is made up of cases. This means that case producers are fighting for $8.7 billion dollars and implicitly the chance to recharge and also protect the phone.

There are also third-party charging case producers such as Anker, Otterbox and Mophie, but they do not offer the same charging cable as Apple. The own case produced by Apple uses the Lighning cable instead of a separate micro-USB one. Also, the iPhone 7 does not fit into the cases that were designed for the 6 or 6S. As such the case designed in 2015 will not be useful anymore for older iPhone versions.

The new Apple Smart Battery Case is sold for $99, £99 and AU$165. There are two color options available, namely black and white, and an advantage is the fact that the case collaborates with the Notification Center and Lock screen. The iPhone 6S edition brought extra 1,877 mAh of battery, which translated to 18 extra hours of using the Internet through the LTE. The new case offers a 2,365 mAh battery, so somewhere around 22 hours of internet. This means 26% increase in battery and it means that the new device will last 2 hours more than the previous 6S.

However, for the moment we don’t know if the iPhone 7 Plus will also receive its own Smart Battery Case and Apple did not declare anything on this topic.