There is some talk that the number of Pokémon Go players has been dropping down, so it was about time for Nintendo and Niantic to launch something else to spice things up for the game. And that ace up its sleeve appears to be Pokémon Go Plus.


The Pokémon Go Plus is a wearable device that can be worn either on the wrist like a bracelet or like a pin and it looks like a teardrop shaped Pokeball. It’s not clear why it was designed like this but Niantic and Nintendo were very clear about the purpose of this accessory.

The Pokémon Go Plus is meant to help you play the game without having to look at your smartphone all the time. Essentially, it connects to whatever smart device you are using to play the game via BlueTooth LE and lets you know whenever you walk by a PokeStop or when there’s a Pokémon close to you. As for the other smart device, you can just keep it in your pocket or in backpack.

The device lights up and vibrates every time there’s a PokeStop near you so users should have no trouble noticing the signal immediately. By pushing the button located in the middle of the device you will be able to collect whatever items can be found at said Pokestop. When it comes to signaling if there are Pokémon near you, the device will simply vibrate and your only option will be to press the same middle button in order to catch the Pokémon. Unfortunately, the only way to know if you’ve caught it is to check your phone or whatever other smart device you are using to play the game.

The Pokémon Go Plus can be purchased for only $34.99 from, Nintendo’s UK store and If you happen to be an Apple device owner, you’ll have to wait for the Pokémon Go companion app that will soon be launched for watchOS.