The latest Pokemon Go update has just been released and Pokemon Go Plus owners will be happy to hear the Niantic focused the update around the new device; currently the update is only available for iOS devices but Android users should expect to see this very soon.


Update 1.7.1 has improved the overall stability of the game to fix any connection issues with the Pokemon Go Plus device and the game; in addition to this, the notification bug relating to the device has now been fixed.

Owners of the iPhone 5 noticed that Pokemon Go had been slow since the previous update but thankfully, Niantic has also addressed this with the update.

Anyone who owns a Pokemon Go Plus device will now be given help options when connecting the device for the first time; this has been done to help players understand how to use it more easily.

Additionally, the Pokemon Go Plus itself has been updated so that players can capture new species without touching their phones also.

  • Sasha Boroja

    Ok it is fun, but not without the ability to track pokemon. Basically al the gyms in my town are owned by people who somehow got 3k dragonites with no dratini spawn in sight. I was tired so i just bought an account which is apparently a thing and now I can fight them back at least :)( Just check them out pogomania (just type it on google) would highly recommend! -Sasha