Microsoft has officially confirmed that the Xbox Scorpio will run all new first-party games at 4K resolution; this is something that the PS4 Pro will be unable to do, Sony has already admitted that PS4 games will need to be upscaled to 4K resolution.


Being capable of running native 4K for new games means that this console will be considerably more powerful than the PlayStation 4 Pro which will be released later this year.

Xbox Scorpio is due for release next year and Microsoft has previously stated that the console was created to work with VR games

Microsoft has previously stated that all first-party games will also be compatible with the Xbox One. Third party developers may release Xbox Scorpio exclusive games which will not be released on the Xbox One however.

It’s still unclear if third party developer will also need to create native 4K games for the new console but all games should be upscaled to 4K resolution even if they’re not created for native 4K.