The iPad Mini 4 has been released in September 2015 and the Apple fans are already waiting for the iPad Mini 5. In fact, the device was expected to be released during the Apple’s September event, but that didn’t happen.

Unfortunately, we still don’t know when exactly the iPad Mini 5 will be released by Apple, as the company hasn’t confirmed anything until now.


However, it is good to know that Apple has a calendar of events and the fans know that the company usually releases new products in March. For example, this year, Apple has released its iPad Pro 9.7 and iPhone SE and according to PC Advisor, the company will most likely introduce the iPad Mini 5 sometime in March 2017.

When it comes to the design of the iPad Mini 5, the tablet is expected to feature a 7.9-inch display size, similar to the one found on the iPad Mini 4. The upcoming handset is also expected to be thinner, durable and lighter than its predecessor.

We remind you that Apple has changed a few things on the new iPhone 7 by removing the standard 3.5mm headphone jack and adding a Lighting port. This is also expected to happen on all the new handsets that will be released by Apple in the future.

The iPad Mini 5 is expected to come with an internal storage of 32GB instead of the standard 16GB. If rumors will prove to be right, the device will also receive a 3D Touch feature, an improved chipset and most likely, additional RAM.

HINT: Since Apple hasn’t confirmed anything until now, we should take these reports with a bit of salt, as these might prove to be just hoaxes.

Do you think that the iPad Mini 5 will be released in March 2017 or later?