There’s been 11 years now since the Google Earth tool was launched and ever since then it allowed anyone who had a decent Internet connection to explore the world from home without moving or paying any money.


What many people didn’t know though, was the fact that there is also a Pro version of this. It used to cost $400, but thankfully now you can get it for free.


If you’re lost and you don’t know what you could do with this Pro version, then you might need to read on!

  1. Take a tour with your friends. Google Earth Pro doesn’t only show you the planet, but also the stars. But this is not the big news. The big news is that you can record you virtual journey and share it then with your friends. The recording can only be stored in KMZ (Keyhole Markup Zip) and KML (Keyhole Markup Language) and can only be opened with Google Earth or Marble.
  2. Know the world. Besides studying geography at your own pace, for instance, this awesome program helps you learn a lot about some countries or areas of the world. The Pro version comes with more data about demographics, for example, which might be helpful professionally or personally.
  3. Find out about traffic in your area. You can use Google Earth Plus to see a historical record of your traffic data. It’s not in real-time, but it might be useful if you move somewhere else and want to see how traffic is in your neighborhood.
  4. Finish property disputes. If you have a property dispute with someone, you can use the parcel data supplied by Google Earth Pro. Though this information is generally expensive and hard to get, you can access it for free and it lets you see what land belongs to whom. Moreover, each parcel receives a unique ID which you can use to search in the tool.