The more technology advances, the more we get used to it and we start questioning ourselves how come we lived without some features until now. According to a tipster that goes under the name of “himanshu”, it seems that Google is currently testing a new feature. What’s this new feature all about? Well, it will let you place what downloads you want from the Play Store in a queue. Nothing special until now, but the best part is that the device will wait until you reach a Wi-Fi connection before starting to download them.


This is a great solution since many users reported frustrating situations related to data caps. Up until now, Google also had placed a warning to notify you when you started large downloads while you were on your mobile data plan and encouraged you to wait until you get to a Wi-Fi connection, but this was not automated.

Obviously, the team is still on the beta version of this feature, so it will only be available to a restricted sample group for testing. That’s why it’s understandable if you get to test it and it still appears to be full of bugs and other inconveniences. One of these inconveniences might even be the fact that it will let you download apps through mobile data anyway, so you should be careful with this in order to avoid unpleasant incidents or data consumed for nothing.

The experimental feature seems to have lots of fans among users, and the results of this new feature released by Google seem promising. Hopefully, we will get to see it rolled to as many devices as possible as soon as possible, despite the fact that it’s still not a sure thing whether the company will stick to this new feature or not.

Perhaps they will listen to their fans’ opinions and will try to improve it and keep it for good.