Pokemon GO may no longer be the number one app in the U.S. Apple App Store, but it’s far from being outdated. In fact, it’s still one of the hottest games in town (having been downloaded over 500 million times) and one of the few that use augmented reality. If you haven’t played Pokemon GO yet, it’s time for you to do now.

Don’t worry since the game is free to play. You won’t need to pay anything when you download it, although it will consume some of your mobile data — which isn’t a problem if you already have a mobile phone plan in place anyway. You don’t even have to worry much about data consumption since, according to the Wall Street Journal, Pokemon GO consumes only 10 megabytes (or less) per hour. Even if you’d play the game five hours a day for a whole month, you won’t be able to go beyond a 2GB data cap.

The best part about this is that many telecommunication providers are getting in on the Pokemon GO craze. T-Mobile, for example, had offered its subscribers free data for their Pokemon GO adventures. To enjoy this offer, T-Mobile users first had to download the T-Mobile Tuesdays app and claim the gift between July 19 to August 9. Those who were able to take advantage of this offer will get to avoid charges on Pokemon GO data usage for an entire year.

Although Pokemon GO is free to download and play, it does support in-app purchases of PokeBalls as well as other items lucky eggs (which double experience points that are gained within a 30-minute window) and incense (which makes Pokemon attracted to you). Except for PokeBalls, these items aren’t really essential and are fully optional, which means you can enjoy the game without having to purchase them.

Pokemon GO is available in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Download it now and see why it has attracted millions of players!