Got yourself a new Sony Xperia Z5?

You should do more than just use it to make phone calls, send text messages, or browse online. With the right tips and tricks, your smartphone could become smarter.

Tips to get more out of your Sony Xperia Z5

  1. Extend battery life
  • Turn on the Stamina Mode to extend your phones battery life. What it does is kill background apps that are eating up power. Just go to Settings > Power Management to activate the feature.
  • Turn on Ultra Stamina mode at the last minute to keep what’s left of the juice from draining quickly and completely. In this setting, only the basic functionality will work.
  • Turn on Low Stamina mode when your battery is on a life-and-death situation, and there’s no way to recharge it sooner. This will disable all the functions that consume power.
  1. Enhance display

You don’t need to settle for a dull, boring display. With the Xperia Z5’s Triluminos display and X-Reality engine feature, you can enjoy full color, bright and vivid display. X-Reality improves color and sharpness. Super-vivid mode enhances the colors of videos and photos being viewed. It brings the screen to life.

  1. Customize apps access

Don’t want to go through the entire menu when accessing your most frequently used apps? Create a small apps tray that gives you immediate access to your favorite apps and those that you frequently use. To add apps, simply long press on an app and then drag to their respective places. To access the tray, tap on the box-shaped capacitive button.

  1. Camera adjustments

Sony usually sticks to minor changes, but they made an exception with the Sony Xperia Z5’s camera. It comes with some really cool features that will make taking photos a snap.

  • Use the Superior Auto shooting mode with the smartphone’s rear camera. With its 23MP sensor, the camera will provide some of the best images from a point and shoot device. It works best in the outdoors, and will not disappoint even when the sun goes down, provided that there is a decent light source.
  • The manual mode goes beyond manual controls, providing you with a whole bunch of preset scenes that you can use. The anti-motion blur when taking pictures of a moving subject. The night scenes for when taking pictures at night.
  • Launch the camera app straight away, by holding down the physical camera button. Yes, it’s not just for show. Half press it, and it will focus the shot before taking a picture.
  • Turn on the Smile Shutter that will tell you if you need to smile more when taking selfies. Hit the 3 dots on the camera app, tap the first tab and scroll down until you see the option. A blue bar will appear on the left side of your face, which will serve as a visual indicator of the level of smile you need to make for that perfect selfie.
  1. Smart Hibernation

After a few minutes of what a smartphone perceives as inactivity, the display will automatically go dark. Hey, you were reading an eBook. This will not happen with the Smart Hibernation option, which will keep the phone open for as long as it detects that you are holding the device.

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