Recently, Google released an update for the Chrome OS which will bring a more stable version in order to let users use the Google Play Store. Before that, only the early adopters of the beta and development channels in Chrome OS could access the Android apps on their own computers. Thankfully, now more users can install Android apps on Chromebooks.

The Stable channel update is named 53.0.2785.129 for Chrome OS and it includes simply the beta feature for Google Play Store. This seems to be enough for the Chromebook users though, since many people were excited about using Android apps on the machines.

The update only works for 2 new Chromebooks, namely the Asus Chromebook Flip and Acer Chromebook R11. If you are using one of these laptops, you should expect the update to arrive soon.

Android Central reports that the beta access still has some issues. As it seems, sometimes it shows a connection error or it restarts the device when you access an app on the shelf. However, don’t be so harsh on it, since it’s just the beta version.

It appears that lately, Google has been on a quest to let the software developed for the Android operating system to run on Chrome OS. Initially, they helped developers in porting their apps to Chrome OS, but this shot was only given to a fixed number of apps.

At the I/O conference which took place earlier this year, Google said that they plan to make some changes to the Chrome OS in order to let Android apps on the Store to be launched in sandbox environments. They also had a demonstration of how an Adroid app will look like while it will run on their own operating system. After that, they made the Store available to some Chromebooks that ran beta or development channel builds.