Rumors about a Biker DLC for the latest Grand Theft Auto have been circulating for months after players discovered pieces of information in the games code relating to Bikers; while this is only a rumor right now, the evidence found in the code makes it very likely that Rockstar is currently working on this DLC.


According to the previous rumors, the DLC was supposed to be released tomorrow on September 20th. Considering that there has been no announcement from Rockstar about this DLC, it seems unlikely that it will be release any time soon. GTA5 tipsters have pointed out that it’s difficult to predict when Rockstar will release their DLC as the company much go through a Quality Assurance test for the GTA Online files.


It’s frustrating that there have been no more comments about exactly when the DLC will be released but fans are still hopeful that the Biker DLC will be released this month; tipsters are certain that this DLC does exist but have no more release date prediction right now.