Good news for GTA fans! The Bikers DLC for GTA 5 is coming! You can now say that the underground world is a better one since now you have a totally new approach when it comes to crime operations.

The popular tipster MrBossFTW or Ross announced that Rockstar is currently working on a pattern for the Biker release. They said that they are adding 18 more days to the initial announcement of the teaser.

There have also been some screenshots with the brand new game released and Rockstar announces that we will be receiving the Bikers update sometime in October. Perhaps one of the greatest things about this game is the fact that the team is constantly releasing free contents that keep fans and gamers interested in the action.

The game itself spoils fans, especially if you think about the adrenaline rush the racing in Cunning Stunts and the action in Further Adventures in Finance and Felony offer you.

Rockstar Games stated that they are happy to announce to the world that Bikers DLC will bring some Motorcycle Clubs to the forefront of the criminal world in Los Santos and Blaine County.

It seems that GTA 5 is becoming more and more fun to play, but that doesn’t stop here. The game plots in this new content will add a new feel to the game, since it brings up some other assets than the regular ones. For instance, one of these new developments is the Western Rat Bike. The updates offer more information on the associated inputs.

It seems that the setting for the gamers will be more aggressive and more team-oriented than it was until now. Stylish costumes, new weapons, new cars and other special selections will be offered in the new free DLC. You can also see some photos of the riders in the game posted by Rockstar.

  • Zacchary Townsend

    What’s that? No story DLC you say? *Puts game back on shelf*