Niantic has recently been teasing the next update for the game by revealing some of features which will be added to the game; the developer has revealed two new features already and fans suspect that Niantic still has more to show.

It looks like the next update will be a major one with changes coming to Friendly Gym battles and to the medals so that they actually become useful for players; the CEO of Niantic has also commented that Legendary Pokemon will be added to the game in the next update.

These are certainly necessary for the gameplay but there are other features that fans are currently talking about. Pokemon Trading and Trainer Battles have been the center of rumors for months now and if these reports are true then Niantic should be adding these features to the game very soon. Pokemon Trading was rumored to be arriving this Fall and Trainer Battles were thought be be coming this December or early 2017.

While both of those have been highly requested by fans, there is a crucial mechanic still not fully implemented in the game yet. Pokemon Go is still missing a tracking system which was the main reason why some players left the game; being able to find and track Pokemon is the point of the game and without this feature, the game cannot be played in the way it was initially supposed to be played.

Just over a month ago, Niantic was testing a new tracking system in the game but there has been no news about this since; this mechanic still needs to be added to the game so players should expect to see this happening later this year.