The September launch event hosted by Apple did not bring fans any other news about iPad Mini 5, though many rumors and speculations kept going around. New assumptions are now suggesting that the device might see its release later on.

Currently, Apple is now more concerned and more focused on the on MacBook Pro 2016, which is supposedly going to be launched towards the end of this month. Fans are assuming now that iPad Mini 5 will be postponed for a release sometime next year, together with the much awaited iPad Pro 2017.

Other speculations claim that since we know that iPad Pro 2017 will be released in three variants, iPad Mini 5 might be in fact the smallest of its versions. As such, the mini device will actually become absorbed in the iPad Pro series.

The initial specs show that the battery is a 5,215 mAh, but there are some voice that claim this isn’t true, since the iPad Mini 5 is supposedly going to be slimmer. If this model will indeed come under the iPad Pro line, people expect it to run on an A9X chipset, 32 GB internal memory and 3 GB RAM. It also sports a 8 MP back camera and a 1.2 MP one on the front. The best part though is the fact it should come together with a True Tone Flash, which is a great feature.

The internal specs show the latest iPad Mini to come together with the iOS 10 or even  a newer version if Apple manages to release a new version until the device is out. Also, it will have an aluminum chassis which makes it more resistant and at the same time sensitive to your touch. The device is expected to cost around $412, but this is not a confirmed information.