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After rough start, The Cottages without major incident

Staff Writer

Published: Friday, November 16, 2012

Updated: Wednesday, February 13, 2013 15:02

One of the things that Seiger likes about The Cottages is how close it is to campus compared to other apartments. However, he said that the lack of buses has left him trapped after classes on more than one occasion.  

“My main concern is the fact that the bus ends way too early on weekdays. It would be better if it ran like the Gables bus. I get stranded on campus sometimes,” Seiger said.

Seiger said that while his class work doesn’t allow him a lot of time to interact with his neighbors, amenities such as the hot tub and the clubhouse helps with The Cottage’s community atmosphere. While Seiger thinks the hot tub is “gorgeous,” it is not the best thing about the living at The Cottages.

“Honestly, it’s the fact that I have my own bed, bathroom, walk-in closet and don’t have to worry about someone else waking me up in the morning or me waking someone else up,” Seiger said.

According to Seiger, things have calmed down after the craziness at the beginning of the year, and now he is happy that he moved in.

“I’m not always ecstatic about it when I talk to my friends, but it’s a pretty sweet place to live,” Seiger said.

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