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Laughing at love

Contributing Writer

Published: Thursday, February 13, 2014

Updated: Thursday, February 13, 2014 23:02

Sketched Out Comedy geared up students for the upcoming holiday with their Valentine’s Day themed show this past Wednesday. The group advised audience members to bring their ponchos and prepare to say “…okay?” at the opening performance of their original sketch, “The Love Below.” 

As the audience entered MUB Theater II to OutKast’s “Happy Valentine’s Day,” the members of Sketched Out waited behind curtains, ready to begin the show. Students were soon chuckling as “Cool Kid Kevin” comforted his woebegone friend, who, like many students on campus, was facing Valentine’s Day alone. Cool Kid Kevin offered his comfort and wisdom, stating, “You know, bro, love hurts. It really does.”

While the audience waited to witness the ‘love escapades’ of Kevin, the show transitioned to a segment of “Sketched Out News.” Complete with a catchy newsroom intro tune and stick-on moustaches, this skit gave the students in attendance an extra reason to laugh: all of the “news” pertained to UNH’s campus. As the anchors read the feature pieces, reporter Doug Carlisle was “on the scene” with a randomly selected audience member, who had been chosen to play the part of a UNH student. In the next story, upcoming campus construction was discussed, as well as the land-mark status of Hamilton-Smith Hall. “Sketched Out News” was concluded with a quick Valentine’s Day forecast, predicting droughts in nether regions all across campus. 

Following “Sketched Out News,” the comedy troupe launched into several more skits. In a doctor’s office skit, a patient seeking help for his anxiety was prescribed the latest drug on the market: medicinal crack cocaine. Meanwhile, a Justin Bieber fan club unmasked an imposter Bieber, and Kayshaun sat through an uncomfortable first dinner with his girlfriend’s parents, who were obviously struggling with stereotypes. In a video skit, the audience watched as Sketched Out made contact with and interviewed the Monkey Boy, a UNH student suffering from both a unique hair condition, and dating woes. In a final skit, Cool Kid Kevin and his friend returned, making little progress with the ladies, but reminding the front row of the audience that ponchos were indeed necessary.

After the show, the members of Sketched Out mingled with the audience, thanking everyone for coming and reminding all that the show would be held again at the Student Olympics, held on Friday, Feb. 14 in the MUB

“Tell your friends, or come back and see the same exact show, with little to no differences,” the group laughed. The next big event for the group will be their auditions for the new semester, which will be held on Monday, Feb. 17. The group is looking for actors and writers, as well as anyone interested in video production or working with Photoshop to assist with fliers and other advertisements for future performances. Anyone interested in getting involved is encouraged to attend the auditions on Monday at 7 p.m., in MUB room 321. 

“The Love Below” gave everyone in attendance something to laugh about, and left the audience prepared to face Valentine’s Day with a grin, if nothing else. The show is on again at 8:45 p.m. in the Strafford Room as a part of the Student Olympics on Feb. 14, and would be a great addition to anyone’s Valentine’s Day evening.

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