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In Master Plan, equine program faces relocation

Upset students prepare for Tuesday forum

Executive Editor

Published: Friday, April 13, 2012

Updated: Wednesday, February 13, 2013 16:02

According to the campus master plan’s website, the forum will also discuss a new location for the center for the arts. According to the plan, four on-campus sites have been chosen from an initial 12. The locations may displace parking and student housing.

The last part of the plan deals with graduate and family housing. Eleven sites were evaluated as places for possible expansion catering to graduate students. The most desirable locations are near B-Lot, providing easy access to the downtown shopping plaza.

Master plan updates are typically held once every 10 years. According to Chamberlin, the last one was held in 2004 when the current plan was adopted.

“I’m looking forward to the Tuesday discussion,” Chamberlin said. “We as a community need to collectively make the best decisions we can.”

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Wed Apr 18 2012 15:15
I would like to point out that a new location for the equine program (while possibly less convenient) opens the doors for a new and better equine facility. Several of the buildings on the current property have been condemned and the horses displace severe signs of stable vices- behaviors resulting from being confined and isolation. Horses are extremely social creatures and been to interaction with other horses along with human interaction. Over the last few years I've heard of so many good horses there that have become almost unmanageable... this is the result of their long term boredom and mental instabilities. This is NOT the result of maltreatment by the barn staff. The people who work there do the best they can do with what they are given. However, many students, including myself, have left working there after seeing the mental states these horses were in. As a horse lover, the equine program was one of the major reasons I came to UNH but I would rather see the horses adopted out and the program dissolved if a new, updated facility where horses can be horses- interacting with one another cannot be built.
Sun Apr 15 2012 20:09
While I recognize the current challenges of funding and program sustainability; I would like to know if the current program directors, leadership and Dean of COLSA have looked into an actual private/public partnership with one of the National/Regional Equine/Agricultural Business entities- such as Blue Seal, Absorbine, Smart-Pak, ect for Arena Naming rights and/or sponsorship?
I know that Wrangler, Resistol, All-Tech Nutrition, Justin, Ariat, and many more very sucessful partnerships have been very supportive of college equine programs in this very situation; has this leadership? I believe if the University Trustees were to look at the equine program as self sustaining, funded, supported, while reflecting major sponsorship relations there may be "unbridled" success! Good Luck!
Paul Chamberlin, AVP Energy and Campus Development
Fri Apr 13 2012 09:25
Please note that I was misquoted concerning the review being done by President Huddleston and the Board of Trustees. We anticipate that all of the Campus Master Plan recommendations will be presented to the President during the summer 2012 and submitted for Trustee approval in the fall 2012.

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