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New logo unveiled at Saturday's hockey game

Design Editor

Published: Sunday, December 8, 2013

Updated: Sunday, December 8, 2013 16:12

The University of New Hampshire unveiled its new logo on Saturday, Dec. 7, at the men’s hockey game against Boston College.

The new logo was plastered on the glass doors coming into the Whittemore Center. The floor and lobby as well, boasted the Thompson Hall replacement.

The logo features a blue and white shield with the letters “NH” inside. According to a press release from the university, the logo is representative of the three campuses – Durham, Manchester and Concord – and will be used in all branding mediums: digital, print and environmental.

Design firm Chermayeff & Geismar & Haviv designed the logo. This design comes after a large backlash of negativity from both students and community members last spring when the university originally revealed three drafts for the logo.

An advisory panel that included students, alumni, faculty and staff are ultimately responsible for the new logo. Over several months, the panel reviewed comments, opinions and drafts on the original three designs.

“Once the ultimate decisions was made, the implementation as very much on the advancement [and] communicatons side,” Student Body President Bryan Merrill said.

He explained that there was some concern about student reaction coming into Saturday night’s unveiling.

“I am curious to see,” he said. “I think if there’s any reaction it will be when they start handing out t-shirts.

The official unveiling and presentation of the new logo took place after the first period.

Senior Evan Beals enjoyed how the logo was unveiled.

“I think it was kind of cool that they were announcing it tonight,” he said. “Walking up, you saw it on the doors. I think that after all that controversy…it’s a nice change.”

Volunteers with boxes of free T-shirts threw out hundreds of shirts to the crowd. From the SkyBox, blue and white shirts rained down onto the students. Across the back of the T-shirt was the new logo, above it the student section’s unofficial mantra: #IBelieveinUNH.

Associate Director of Reunion Programming for the UNH Alumni Center Gina Damino sat on the stairs in between two sets of bleachers as the first period entered its final minutes.

At the intermission, she and a dozen other volunteers distributed T-shirts to the crowd.

“I’m just volunteering for the free t-shirt,” she said with a chuckle and smile. But on a more serious note, Damino was impressed with the design.

“I think it’s great,” she said. “They did a good job.”

 On ice, Greg Kretschmer from The Morning Buzz, a popular morning radio show on 100.3 and 101 FM, said a few words and then UNH Cat Pack leader and junior Peter Wilkinson lead the student section in a chant of “I believe in UNH.” Students jumped up and down, joined with arms across one another’s shoulders.

Mascot Wild E. Cat wore the new logo and skated around the rink. During the intermission, the Zambonis drove with new flags featuring the logo as they cleaned and smoothed the ice in-between periods.

As the game continued, students began to discuss the logo.

“My thing is, people are entitled to their own opinions,” Merrill said.

Junior Emma Clancy was presently surprised by the logo. “As a student, I didn’t love any of the logos that were sent to us in the summer,” she said, a common sentiment among UNH students. “[But] it’s not any of them … I like it a lot.”  

One student, freshman Sydney Phelps, was spotted wearing the T-shirt with her friends. But she doesn’t share the joy.

“The other logo was a lot nicer than the new one is,” she said. “The other one [Thompson Hall’s clock tower] set us apart.”

Though a first-year student, she is still nostalgic about Thompson Hall.

“Any school can have letters, but our school had the clock tower,” she said.

Merrill also reflected on the 15-year reign Thompson Hall had as the university's image.

“It’s always difficult [to change],” he said.  

Students Nicole Young and Megan Landry shared negative sentiment and want the old logo back.

“I think the original one was great,” Landry said. “We’re the campus; it’s our main focus point. I definitely like the old one more than the new one.”

Young agreed.

“Personally I don’t like [it],” Young said. “This is the main campus, this is UNH. I don’t think it was worth it [the money].”

But Sophomore Nicole Verrier liked the logo and it’s simplicity.

“It kind of reminds me of the whole iOS7 change,” she said. “It’s more simplistic and appealing to the eye.”

Sophomore Brendan Phelan enjoys the minimalist look.

“It definitely stands out,” he said. “It’s more simple, which is not a bad thing. It’s definitely a very clean design.”

Too clean and simple for Young, apparently.“It’s just very plain,” she said.

Student Emily Raftery noted that it was time for Thompson Hall to be retired. According to UNH’s website, after 15 years as the face of the university, the logo will be set to “emeritus” status as of July 2014.

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Unemployed MBA Alum
Wed Dec 11 2013 17:14
Dear Concerned Engineer,

Your comparison of logos is impressive yet misguided. Dartmouth has hundreds of years of storied history educating New Hampshire's leaders and shaping the local and regional economies. UNH, in contrast as a recent digital upstart, has only a few years of tepid experience and limited online presence. The hope with the new logo is that potential students browsing the web will be so underwhelmed that they won't fee threatened. Dartmouth's logo is complicated, it looks hard. UNH's logo looks easy, like a color inside the lines. If you wanted to sell to the lowest common denominator, which would you pick?

Tue Dec 10 2013 09:08
I absolutely HATE this logo!!! The T-Hall logo was classic, why change it? I could have saved the University some money and had a kindergardener spend 10 minutes on MS paint to produce a better product.... Fail
Sun Dec 8 2013 14:34
Got an image that could, yanno, show the logo?
A Concerned Computer Engineer
Sun Dec 8 2013 14:17
Seriously? We paid over $100,000 for like the lamest logo of all time. For comparison go look at a cool logo like Dartmouths:

Look at all the cool stuff it has:
- a Latin phrase!
- The name of the school!
- The year the school was founded!
- The school plus a bunch of cool trees!
- People!
- Knowledge shining down upon the students like daylight!

What we have:
- The letter "N"
- The letter "H"
- No letter "U"

log out