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Annual winter celebration with UNH Dining

Contributing Writer

Published: Friday, December 6, 2013

Updated: Friday, December 6, 2013 03:12


Employees spread holiday cheer with their festive outfits. Stillings, Holloway Commons, and Philbrook dining halls all participated in the annual winter celebration meal on Wednesday, December 12.

On Wednesday night, UNH Dining hosted its annual Winter Celebration at Holloway Commons, serving a variety of traditional holiday meals in order to “give students a taste of home.”

In addition to serving meals ranging from roast prime rib to eggnog cheesecake, UNH Dining decorated its central dining hall to resemble a Disney-themed winter wonderland.  

“We host events like this to break up the routine of students,” Holloway Commons Assistant Manager Colette Lepkowski said.  

This change of routine was evident to students upon entrance to the dining hall, where a large blue banner, decorated with white stars, was hung. Once inside, students were greeted with festive ceiling decorations and tablecloths.  

“The decorations make for a really fun atmosphere,” sophomore Alvin Luong said. “It’s a welcomed change with the stress of finals right around the corner.”

According to Lepkowski, rare dinner options like the aforementioned specialty ravioli are a major reason why students tend to flock to dining halls on these celebratory occasions.  Many faculty members also accompanied their families to the Winter Celebration, enhancing the holiday-like atmosphere of the evening.

“We always hold our meals to a very high standard,” Lepkowski said. “However, we do think students like having other high quality meals that we don’t serve frequently.”

The efforts put forth by UNH Dining services to diversify the menu for the Winter Celebration were appreciated by students.  

For students across campus, the opportunity to indulge in holiday meals and desserts was also offered at the Stillings and Philbrook dining halls, with the latter even featuring a live goat in the lobby for students to pet and photograph.  

According to Lepkowski, each dining hall has a fairly similar menu, but also offers different options in order to give patrons of each dining hall their own special experience.  

For students seeking more traditional dinners, several stations, including the stir-fry and pizza stations, offered the usual options.

Despite the delicious dinner dishes presented by each dining hall, Lepkowski noted the atmosphere of the event as its defining characteristic.  In order to achieve this desired effect, staffers wore Santa hats and hung wreaths and lights throughout the different dining halls.

“It’s an awesome atmosphere,” sophomore Kayla Vigue said.  “I would’ve gone to all three dining halls if I could’ve.”

On behalf of UNH Dining, Lepkowski said she was pleased to hear that students enjoyed this year’s Winter Celebration.

“No matter what holiday someone celebrates, everybody seems to celebrate winter,” Lepkowski said. “Events like the Winter Celebration are [UNH Dining’s] way of saying thank you. We’re really glad to have you as customers and as friends.”  

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