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Editorial: For NH, the nation, and our generation, the pick is Huntsman

Published: Thursday, January 5, 2012

Updated: Wednesday, February 13, 2013 15:02

The world's eyes are on New Hampshire right now. Candidates running for the Republican nomination for president are in all corners of the state. After Tuesday's first-in-the-nation primary, one candidate will leave this state with considerable momentum.

We have watched the race through three lenses. We wanted to see which candidate would be best for the state. We wanted to see which candidate would be best for the nation. Finally, we wanted to see which candidate would be best for our generation a generation largely unrepresented by the political pundits and newspaper editorial boards that have aired their opinions thus far.

After careful consideration, it has become clear that the candidate best for all three is former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman. That's why The New Hampshire, the student newspaper at New Hampshire's flagship public university, is formally endorsing Huntsman in the state's first-in-the-nation primary.

The economy is the priority right now. Huntsman's jobs plan, which has been endorsed by the Wall Street Journal, is the best of the candidates'. While governor of Utah, the state was among the best in the nation in terms of job creation (either first or fourth, depending on what data you use, according to PolitiFact). Huntsman's jobs plan revolves around tax reform, regulatory reform, moving toward energy independence, and increasing trade.

At this point, it is impossible to endorse a candidate without commenting on Mitt Romney, the former Massachusetts governor who has essentially been campaigning since he lost the primary in 2008. In all that time, he has been unable to solidify decisive support. He is certainly strong in New Hampshire, but he is vulnerable throughout the rest of the country. Voters don't see him as genuine, which would make it nearly impossible for him to win a general election. There's a reason Republicans have shuffled through candidates for the "anti-Romney" – they have to if they want the White House. Regardless of whether you can consider Huntsman the "anti-Romney," his track record as governor of Utah is far more impressive than Romney's in Massachusetts.

Like most members of our generation, we have more liberal views on social issues, such as gay marriage. While this has prompted many young people to support Ron Paul, he is a candidate that comes into the race with too much baggage (see his ‘90s newsletters) and a foreign policy that consists of, well, not having one. It doesn't work in this day and age. His simplistic views (including on the drug war) have attracted a strong following of young people, the same generation that helped put Barack Obama in office. But many of the people in our generation have failed to do their research on Paul – the man who calls global climate change a "great hoax," opposes social security and Medicare, and says he would have opposed the Civil Rights Act.

Huntsman defers to science when it comes to evolution and climate change, which makes him a welcome voice of reason among this GOP field. Sure, his social views don't completely fit ours. For instance, he supports civil unions, but not same-sex marriage. To us, however, the important thing is that Huntsman is not going to go on any social crusades while in office. He isn't going to tamper with same-sex marriage in New Hampshire. He will continue to let the states decide and will not take big government tactics to regulate personal freedom. Huntsman is a candidate that will make the economy his priority, as it should be.

The years since 2008 have been ones of unprecedented partisanship in our nation's capital, with fault lying on both parties. Americans are frustrated with politicians who view their reelection as more important than their constituents. Huntsman, on the other hand, was willing to serve as the U.S. Ambassador to China when President Obama asked him to do so, demonstrating an old-school commitment to country that we can only hope will come back in vogue. Additionally, if there is only one country that we want a president to have a working knowledge of, it is China.

Newt Gingrich is the ultimate beltway insider, and comes across as one who is concerned only with himself. Rick Santorum wowed in Iowa, but his views don't mesh at all with those in this state. Rick Perry will thankfully be out of the race soon.

Each Republican candidate will tell you that he could beat President Obama in November. That is far from the truth.

The president's support has fallen considerably, but make no mistake; he will be a formidable opponent. If the GOP doesn't select the best candidate – Huntsman – they risk watching Obama in office for another four years.

While Republicans may argue that Gingrich, Santorum, or Paul would be best for the White House, it's difficult to imagine any of them winning a general election. They don't possess the electability that Romney and Huntsman have. But for reasons that have become increasingly obvious, Huntsman is the choice over the flip-flopping Romney.

Huntsman has the skills and appeal needed to win the votes of independents, conservative democrats, and young people. And that's what Republicans need, as much as they may not want to admit it, if they hope to beat Obama. That is how you win elections – both in New Hampshire and nationwide.

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Mon Jan 9 2012 14:29
Huntsman's not a bad guy, but let's face it folks. NH is the only place he has a chance, and that's probably a stretch....

RON PAUL is the ONLY candidate who tells the TRUTH to us. That is why the establishment despises him, and calls him 'dangerous;' because he threatens the status quo for elites. There's a GREAT deal of special interest at stake for the super rich people. So, if you're in the 1%, it makes perfect sense to direct slander and propaganda towards Ron Paul. If you're in the 99%, please do your own research, and don't buy into the face-value garbage that we're fed by millionaires everyday. They're in it for themselves folks, status quo, hook, line, and sinker.

Mon Jan 9 2012 04:31
#Huntsman has been described in the press as "'a conservative technocrat' willing to work substantively with Barack #Obama."

In 2007, when asked about a required healthcare mandate, #Huntsman said, "I'm comfortable with it, call it whatever you want."

George W. Bush appointed #Huntsman to be Deputy U.S. Trade Representative during period of ballooning trade deficits & deindustrialization.

Under George W. Bush, #Huntsman was tasked with guiding the accession of China into the World Trade Organization (WTO).

#Huntsman was one of loser John McCain's earliest supporters in the 2008 presidential campaign.

#Huntsman #bundled more than $500,000 for McCain's losing presidential campaign in 2008.

#Huntsman supported "Cap & Trade" and signed the Western Climate Initiative. #NH #naive #capandtax #badscience #AGW

In 2007, #Huntsman was a devout believer in human generated "global warming." By 2011, #Huntsman backed away from the #ponzi Cap & Trade schemes.

#Huntsman stated early in the campaign in 2011: "I believe in evolution & trust scientists on [AGW] 'global warming.' Call me crazy."

#Huntsman's not above using faulty statistics as w/false claim of Utah better jobs creation than Texas, see:

Freudian Slip: On Jan. 1, 2011, a Newsweek article entitled "The Manchurian Candidate" featured an interview with #Huntsman.

#Huntsman dropped out of H.S. before graduating to pursue being a keyboard player in a rock band, later taking the G.E.D. test. Now wants to be President.

John H.
Fri Jan 6 2012 16:58
Well, the two really dissenting views here are from an Obama supporter (the few he has) and a Ron Paul supporter (well, they are a separate breed). I have spent time on Huntsman's web site (, his facebook pages, and also done considerable research on his track record. How I did not know about him a year ago I'm not sure, but everything I have found tells me this guy is amazing - a true 'statesman', something our country rarely sees. He is exactly the type of leader we so desparately need, someone who can finally bring this country together and fix this dysfunctional mess we currently have in DC.

He has well thought out, detailed, realistic plans to get this country headed in the right direction. From his conservative fiscal plan to foreign affairs to congressional reform to the elimination of 'to big too fail', Huntsman has laid out a real blueprint for putting this country back on its feet. We cannot let this opportunity pass us by, and I know the citizens of New Hampshire are going to come through and show the rest of the states how to stand up for change.

As if all of the above was not enough, Huntsman is a man with a track record that defines consistency going all the way back to when he worked for Ronald Reagan. His integrity is unquestioned - he carries no baggage for Obama to send his attack dogs after. Not only is he the most qualified candidate, he is the candidate that can actually win the Presidency and bring respect back to our government. I'm proud to say the facts have convinced me that Jon Huntsman is the man for the job.

Fri Jan 6 2012 16:22
Huntsman--the Secretariat of the GOP field. Dead last to start out in the first two races before winning both, then set the still-standing track record at Belmont for both time and lengths to win the Triple Crown: under 2 mins. and 31 lengths. (Remember who contended with Secretariat...a horse appropriately named Sham. And beat him thrice!)
Fri Jan 6 2012 15:56
@ Anonymous & Anonymous II - that kind of over-generalized simplistic talk (on BOTH sides of the aisle) is what has us in a mess. The GOP certainly has done more than their fair share to get us in a mess, but the rest of Congress, the President (including all the presidents going back several decades) haven't done enough to steer us away.

Make no mistake: the mess we're in is the result of decades of mismanagement and a lack of vision to turn things around (and a lack of the stomach to push through even if an inkling of vision ever existed). The mess was certainly accelerated by our former president, but President Obama really hasn't made a whole lot of difference. I don't know that he made things significantly worse, but he's not a visionary leader who really makes change. He's too weak to get things done, unwilling to stake out his ideals for fear of a loss in popularity (remember, he needs re-election). Having watched Huntsman's career for many years now, he is consistent and really doesn't do things just keep his poll number up (though that tends to be a by-product of honest, truth-driven leadership.

Further, Huntsman has a proven track record of 'reaching across the aisle,' and not in the cliche crony-istic sense that Gingrich is famous for. Hunstman truly works with people, and he's reasonable. He doesn't do any political grandstanding like most politicians are prone to do.

So, before you start pointing fingers and saying all Republicans are bad, consider the fact that maybe the problem isn't Republicans (or Democrats), but bureaucratic politicians at their finest (sarcasm intended there). Bureaucrats are the death of any nation (think Greece, Rome, the entire Middle East). Sure, we live in a 'democratic republic', but it's really more of a bureaucratic corporate commune right now (as 'free' as it may be).

Huntsman makes sense, and he's not going to play games. He doesn't play games. Yes, I'm a Huntsman supporter (obviously), but I'm also an independent voter and open to people from both parties. In our last gubernatorial race here in Utah, I voted Democrat. One of my neighbors is a Democrat, and I'm fine with that. I have friends who identify as Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, Green party, Reform party, etc., and I think everyone brings something to the table.

Anyway-- sorry for the soap box, but it really frustrates me to see/hear blanket statements which try to make all Republicans appear evil. There's plenty of dirt on Democrats too (have you ever looked at donations to Democrats & Republicans, and then looked at the legislation they write, sponsor, & support... yeah, it goes BOTH ways).


Fri Jan 6 2012 15:48
Apparently TNH hasn't done enough research on Huntsman. Huntsman will keep us on the Obama course of handing power over to global powers and economic elite.

So vote for Huntsman and this once great nation can continue to hand over all power to the wealthiest in that world.

I for one am sick of losing my liberties and seeing the middle class get wiped out. Only Ron Paul understands what is truly happening in this country while the government and media cover it up.

Huntsman and Romney are disgraceful "Americans"

Anonymous II
Fri Jan 6 2012 15:43
Yeah, I agree with Anonymous. Republicans made sure we got rid of the regulations that would have prevented the mortgage debacle that caused our economy to plummet - AND caused the single biggest cut to state support of a state university in our nation's history. The Republicans, over the last 30 years, created a Supreme Court that made it legal for corporations to make UNLIMITED contributions to elections. That right there - that does hint at a pun - was the end of any real democracy in this country.

I don't think Obama is much better. But, he's better than any corporate stooge the GOP has to offer.

PA Voter
Fri Jan 6 2012 15:17
Well said! Hopefully you can inspire folks to show up at the polls to actually vote and give the Republicans in the rest of the states (like Pennsylvania) a chance to support Huntsman as well.
Fri Jan 6 2012 15:10
I am a NH resident and am not 'for' Huntsman. Therefore, please don't speak for me. I entirely disagree that he or any Republican would be a best fit for NH. It is because of the Republicans that our United States is in deep trouble. If I could move to another country, I would. But the Republicans made sure us 99% can't afford to.

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