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UNH students go for gold in Student Olympics

Contributing Writer

Published: Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Updated: Tuesday, February 18, 2014 02:02


Logan Hill/Contributor

Pancakes were served at the Student Olympics hosted by CAB UNH on Friday. The event aimed to provide alternative things to do for students who wanted to hang out with friends but not party, and included activities such as bingo, trivia and a snowboard simulator.

The UNH Campus Activities Board held the Student Olympics – a renamed and themed version of Jukebox 2 – on Friday, Feb. 14 in the MUB. This event is one of many constructed and launched by CAB as an alternative for students who are looking for something fun to do on campus.

The Student Olympics is essentially the same as Jukebox, but the name was changed to dodge the misconception that it’s only for freshmen. The theme of this event was the Olympics; students got a card they could get stamped at various stationed, earning them prizes. 

In addition to the exciting games, events and free activities that made the night memorable, the Student Olympics served as a great way to showcase a plethora of student organizations at UNH and give them an opportunity to present themselves to students, and allow an easy way for students to get involved on campus. CAB, Tae Kwon Do Club, Greek Life, Cultural Crafts and many others were represented. 

“I think calling it something different worked well. The general UNH student understood it better. Getting student organizations to participate was a bit more difficult, since they didn’t know what the event was or what to expect,” Denise Barstow, director of CAB, said.

CAB is an organization of 77 members who meet on Tuesdays from 7 to 8 p.m. in MUB room 330.

“We put on alternative weekend programming for students,” Barstow said. “We’re providing programming for people who don’t necessarily want to go out and drink, but they want to go out with their friends and meet new people.” 

 This event was full of things to do: trivia, bingo and even a snowboard simulator were included.

“I was at the improv. show, and then the New Hampshire Gentlemen. They were really good and [Sketched Out] was really funny,” Yeski Radja Haba, a sophomore accounting major, said as he finished his game. “It’s a nice alternative for people who don’t go out, they’ve been doing a really good job.”

Another popular event was black light mini-golf, or miniature golf in a black-lit room with glow sticks and neon clubs, balls and decorations. WUNH was stationed there playing the music for the game. 

 Devin George, a senior and deejay, said WUNH is “working on getting some [DJ] trainees for the new semester,” hanging out giving out some free stuff, and bumping some music for the mini-golfers. 

“[This event] is a great way to connect with people I met [at other events] that I haven’t had a chance to see. I played bingo, and got some free stuff,” Colin Liversidge, a freshman, said.

“I love the free pancakes,” Peter Kimball said as he finished some of the pancakes cooked by CAB in Union Court. “I will never pass them up. Ever.” 

Be sure to check up on CAB’s other events. Sex Ed. Bingo will be on Thursday, Feb. 20 and comedian Omid Singh will come on Saturday, Feb. 22.

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