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The 15 most popular UNH memes

Web Editor

Published: Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Updated: Wednesday, February 13, 2013 15:02

Meme 5

Credit: Chris Champagne

Likes: 641; Shares: 83

Meme 3

Credit: UNH Memes Administrator

Likes: 342; Shares: 18

Meme 8

Credit: James Cassin-Reed

Likes: 371; Shares: 15

Meme 2

Credit: UNH Memes Administrator

Likes: 339; Shares: 38

Meme 13

Credit: Alex Goerler

Likes: 315; Shares: 1

Meme 6

Credit: Greg Donahue

Likes: 211; Shares: 11

Meme 9

Credit: Shaun Hespelein

Likes: 207; Shares: 11

Meme 15

Credit: Chris Champagne

Likes: 177; Shares: 13

Meme 10

Credit: Erika Kulpa

Likes: 174; Shares: 1

Meme 1

Credit: UNH Memes Administrator

Likes: 165; Shares: 1

Meme 14

Credit: Hanna Pedersen

Likes: 154

Meme 12

Credit: Amanda Plante

Likes: 125; Shares: 2

Meme 4

Credit: UNH Memes Administrator

Likes: 117

Meme 11

Credit: Paige Franco

Likes: 115; Shares: 1

Meme 7

Credit: Trung Cao

Likes: 114 Shares: 12

On Friday, Feb. 10, a "UNH Memes" page was created on Facebook, part of a national explosion in Facebook pages featuring college specific memes. The concept of memes can be hard to define, but in this case they are images that are designed to be shared through online communities.

The UNH Memes Facebook page has over 2,800 likes just six days after its creation.

We combed through the hundreds of memes on the page to bring you the 15 most popular, as evidenced by the number of "likes" received. All numbers are as of 12 noon on Thursday, Feb. 16. Credit is given to the individual that uploaded the meme to the page.

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