God of War 4 campaign length details

Sony has been secretive about many details relating to the highly anticipated God of War 4 which is expected for release some time in 2017; there are some questions about the length of the campaign and thankfully, someone from the God of War 4 team has responded.


Some rumors have suggested that the game will feature a 100 hours+ campaign which seems very unlikely. Cory Barlog has been relatively open to responding to questions from gamers and has now comented on the length of the game however, it’s not the answer that fans have been hoping for.

Barlog has commented that the team will not reveal any estimates on the length of the campaign. Instead, he revealed that they’re not actually certain what the runtime of the game will be until they’ve completed the campaign.

This was in response to a fans questioning if the game would only be 20 hours long.

Hopefully the Gears of War 4 team will reveal this information soon as the game is completed over the next year.

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