Google Play Store Is Better than the App Store to Some Extent

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According to reports, Apple’s App Store is generating twice as much revenue as Google Play. Where numbers are concerned, the Cupertino giant clearly has the upper hand. But did you know that the Google Play Store has certain upsides over the App Store?

What Makes the Play Store Better than the App Store

  • Developer-friendly

If you ever wondered why the Play Store is teeming with apps it’s because more developers are able to create applications for it than Apple’s App Store. There are still rules and restrictions, yes. But not as strict and rigid as Apple’s. This gives developers enough freedom to be creative and give Android users plenty of apps to use and play with.

  • More discoverable apps

Looking for apps is more convenient in the Play Store than in the App Store. This is because Google runs search queries through all the textual information available and related to a particular app. So even when a user doesn’t use the exact keywords, several search results would be provided.

  • Comes with a social factor

Tap an app and what’s one of the first things you’ll see? Yes, reviews and ratings provided by other Android users. This pretty much gives you an idea of whether or not to pursue the app. Is it worth the storage space? You’ll know the answer if you take the time to read reviews.

  • Extensive information for every app

Not only does an app comes with reviews, pertinent details and screenshots, but it is also accompanied by videos. This way, you’ll get to see how an app works and its interface before you download and install it.

  • Less expensive to free apps

With more developers competing for similar apps, it is no wonder why Google Play Store apps are free to download or comes with a nominal fee. The same thing can’t be said for the apps in the App Store.

With that said, appreciate Google Play store and learn how to download and manage apps.

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