Xbox 360 and PS3 Minecraft Update is coming

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Mojang has confirmed that the next console update for Minecraft will be coming later this year however the developers haven’t confirmed what it will contain. While the team is currently working on Update 1.42 or Title Update 49, they haven’t announced what this next update will contain.

The previous update 1.41 or Title Update 48 was released at the end of last month. That update added a range of new achievements for the different Battle Modes which were introduced last year. The update brought 11 new achievements to the Survival mode and 7 new achievements for the Tumble Battle Mode.

In addition to the added achievements, the update also added a chance of spawning certain food items in the Bonus Chest. As a bonus, re-entering the tutorial area will reset the chests if the player leaves the zone first.

Update 1.41. and Title Update 48 mostly contained a large range of bug fixes that were greatly needed to improve the game. So far, the developer hasen’t hinted at what’s coming in the next update but it’s assumed that the team will be releasing a large number of bug fixes with it.

Current rumors about the upcoming update suggest that Mojang will be bringing these console versions of the game closer to the original PC version. There are no exact details at the moment about what this next update will bring to the game but players are hoping to see a larger update than the previous one. The previous update contained a large number of bug fixes and few news gameplay addditions so it’s hoped that the next update will contain a range of new additions to the gameplay.

Mojang released updates on a regular basis and will hopefully announce a release date very soon.

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