Outlook Email Tips to Become an Expert

There are many people out there who are using Microsoft Outlook to organize their calendars and emails. Today we will give you some tips and tricks, which you can use on Outlook that will make your life easier.

Avoid Repeating Yourself

This feature is great if you have a work email attached to your Outlook. If you need to say a part of a text over and over again to your clients, then you can use a feature called “Quick Parts”, which allows you to insert parts into emails. First, you will need to highlight the text in the composer window and head to Insert->Quick Parts->Save selection.

When you will start writing that phrase, you will notice a pop-up message suggesting you to insert the entire phrase.

Grouping Messages Together

If you work in a business where you receive many emails, then you will have to track down the relevant ones, which sometimes can be quite difficult. Outlook can help you group emails into conversations, which means that a single click will show all the related messages at one time. You can set on a per-mailbox basis or globally by clicking the “View” tab and then “Show as Conversations”.

Delivering Messages At A Future Date And Time

This feature is awesome for if you work in a business where you will need to send some offers at a specific time. This can be done by typing the email that you want and after that select the “Option” tab and click on “Delay Delivery”. When you do this, a new dialog box will appear with a “Do not deliver before” option, where you can enter the date and time when that specific email will be sent.

Filtering Emails To Find Relevant Ones

To filter emails in Outlook you will just need to use the “Filter Email” dropdown option that can be found in the “Home” tab. Selecting the menu button will instantly filter the mailbox, displaying only certain types of emails, such as: with attachments, unread or by specific dates.

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