Skype, Outlook and Xbox Solve Their Microsoft Account Problems

This morning there was an outage regarding the Microsoft Accounts. Namely, the users were not able to log into their own accounts for an hour. Lots of Xbox, Outlook or Skype users took to the Internet to complain about the fact that they could not access the accounts. What frightened them even more was the fact that the login prompt said that the account didn’t even exist! The Verge reported that they tested several accounts and indeed there were large scale issues all around the world for around an hour.

Microsoft had a message for their users in the Xbox Live service status, but they merely acknowledged that there was a problem and announced that they were working to solve the problem as soon as possible. Needless to say, many people were quite unhappy with this brief and mysterious message. We have to remind you that the Microsoft Accounts are essential for logging in to various services, such as Skype,, Xbox Live, Office 365, OneDrive, Windows Store, as well as lots of Microsoft apps. The services seemed to have come back together at 9:30 AM ET, and many people reported that everything was back to normal.

Many users declared themselves quite dissatisfied with this situation, since they would have liked to receive extensive explanations regarding the problem. Moreover, some claimed that an hour is too long for them to wait, especially since lots of people use these programs for work. Later on, at 2:55 PM, there was another issue with the Xbox Live Core Services, as updated on the Xbox Live status, but this one only affected the Xbox 360 devices. As such, users were not able to create new accounts on Xbox Live, to manage the accounts or to recover them on another device.

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