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Google Play Store Install APK Files From Unknown Sources

If you are an Android mobile user, you might come across a dilemma to re-install or roll back a current version of Google Play Store. In this case, you need to do a few things in order to succeed.

  • Get a copy of the Google Play Store APK

If you have a trusted source, such as, then you should rest assured that it is signed by Google. For this reason, you can do it via a computer or a mobile device.

  • Unknown Sources

The setting for Unknown Sources would enable or disable any Android user to install applications outside of the Play Store. This is a security feature that would enable or disable the setting for installing an APK. Just go to Settings > Security and check on the box beside Unknown Sources.

  • Using File Manager and Install Google Play Store

Just open the file browser to navigate and find the location of the APK file. After locating the file, you need to click on it and tap on the Package Installer. You would be notified regarding permission changes and since you have done this, you would just click on Install.

  • Disabling Unknown Sources

Your Android device has a security feature that would prevent unwanted programs to be installed accidentally. This is by disabling the Unknown Sources permission.

So, you must go back into the device settings. In this case, you have to return to Security settings, Application settings, or Privacy settings where you have done it the first time.

You have to uncheck the box beside Unknown Sources in order to prevent any software from being installed on your device. Only Google Play Store can install apps from within it. But, you can always check the box the next time you need to install an APK from an unknown source.

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