Get the Most of Adobe Flash Player with These Tips and Tricks

Freeware software Adobe Flash Player lets users execute rich internet applications, stream audios and videos as well as view animations. Aside from the obvious features of Flash, there are tips and tricks available to make the most of this video and animation player.

  • Using a Timer Class in Adobe Flash Player

First, create a new timer variable timer_01 and add an event listener function play_timer.  Next, copy the box movieclip from the FLA file of the succeeding tip to the library. After, add the play_timer function. It is also possible to see how Timer is used with play/pause buttons in Flash XML photo rotator by downloading it.

  • Duplicating MovieClips in ActionScript 3.0

The first step is to create a movieclip “box” in the library and right-click on the box and select “Linkage”. Next, set the class as “box”.  The command for this is “var b:MovieClip = new box( ). This will duplicate the movieclip. Take note the lines no. 4 and 5 set the X and Y positions of a duplicated movieclip. Next, the “addChild( ) function adds duplicated movieclip onto stage.

  • Using Tween Engine or Tweener Class for Motion Tweening

First, download Tweener Class (AS3) and unzip Tweener class after importing it. Next, place the caurina folder into the folder where the Flash file is located. Then, in the library, create a movieclip “gray box” and drag it 2x. Name them “gray_box_01” and “gray_box_02”, respectively. Apply Tweener to these boxes. Downloading Tweener Documentations is also possible to understand how it works.

  • Making Animations More Natural

After creating a motion tween, click anywhere in the shaded area and go to “properties” to make adjustments. Increase the value in the “Ease” box to lessen the tween or the opposite direction to decelerate it.

  • Using Bandwidth Profiler and Simulating Download in Flash Player

First, run Flash and go to the main menu, select Control > Test Movie or press Ctrl + Enter. Next, click on View > Bandwidth Profiler or click Ctrl + B, from the Test Movie Window. For adjusting download speed, go to View > Download Settings and choose from different speed options.

  • Adding Right-click menu in Flash ActionScript 3.0

First, create custom menu items. Next, add Event Listeners to the items then hide built-in items. Last, apply the custom menu items.

  • Creating Invisible Buttons

For adding invisible buttons for an already existing background, it is possible to create buttons frames, such as, over, down and blank up. After this, a polygon should be created on the area where the button is desired. While doing so, it will be colored light blue but this will not be visible in the actual result.

  • Making Crisp Audio

To address the issue of distorted audio, it is possible to make the audio crisp with a simple trick. To do this, simply click on any area in the audio on the timeline. Next, from the drop down menu, choose File > Publish Settings and Click the “Set…” buttons located next to “Audio Stream” and “Audio Event”. Next, change the compression to “Speech”.

Aside from these tips and tricks, Adobe Flash Player download with new security updates is already available.

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