Subaru Unveils the Price Tags of New Type RA and BRZ tS Limited Edition Models

Back in June of 2017, Subaru revealed that it plans on creating a limited number of STIs and BRZ models. Things got even better when Subaru made it clear that the new models will be focused on destroying track races and that it will only built 500 units of each models. The STI will be available under the Type RA brand name and the BRZ will go by tS.

Subaru Type RA and BRZ tS Pricing

Fortunately for eager Subaru fans, the company recently decided to unveil the pricing for its upcoming vehicles. With that said, the Type RA will be available for a whopping price of $49,855 with delivery included. On the other hand, the BRZ tS will be a tad cheaper with a price tag of $34,355.

The new vehicles are quite expensive, but this was to be expected since Subaru is going to manufacturer only a limited number of units. In addition, the base STI model costs $36,995 with delivery while the base BRZ is priced at $26,315.

Are They Worth It?

The question that’s sitting in every Subaru fan mind right now is if these new models are worth the additional money? Truth be told, they are. The brand-new Type RA will feature more horsepower that comes a courtesy of the new cold air intake, returned ECU, stronger pistons and high-flow performance exhaust.

We should also mention that the new Type RA model will be equipped with a short-throw shifter that features a revised third gear, inverter front struts, blistein dampers, cross-drilled rotors, 19-inch BBS wheels and many more.

The new BRZ tS will feature the same exact horsepower as the original model but it will ship with STI-tuned Sachs dampers and coil springs. Although, that’s not all since the new BRZ tS will also feature a new stiffer chassis, 18-inch wheels and a carbon fiber spoiler among other cool features.

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